CINESLUDGE Ep.11 The Naked Obsession Of Chainsaw Hookers!

May 21st, 2015

Cinesludge is back, and with spring everything is popping up. Flowers! Horror Conventions! Maria Ford!!  Join Evil Monks Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN as they talk conventions, the time William Katt signed a Naked Obsession poster, Fred Olen Ray's HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS blu ray and more! 

CINESLUDGE Ep. 10 ROOM 36 - The Gate Of Fulci

April 2nd, 2015

THE EVIL MONKS are back!  Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN were inspired by Grindhouse Releasings new Blu Ray release of the one and only THE BEYOND, directed by Lucio Fulci to share some stories about how important the directors films were to their own decline into cinematic excess (aka, growing up Cinesludge'd)!  Covering a wide array of films, genres, styles and tales of Philly Grindhouse Fury (damn ungodly film, have a coke stain!) and Chas. Balun edits--it's EuroTrash time in the Cinesludge pit! 
Grab your maggot spray, it's gonna be messy!


March 17th, 2015

The EVIL MONKS of Cinesludge return to your eardrums and fill them with the hard gore horror of DIRE WOLF and the soft and sensual EuroStyled Terrors of THE UNLIVING!  Two films from the immense catalog from the MAESTRO OF RETROMEDIA, FRED OLEN RAY get rendered into GRADE A CINESLUDGE by your hosts Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern in this one hour episode.  It's all about BOOBS, BLOOD, BEASTS as well as the epic legacy of PAUL NASCHY as Episode 9 unspools.  DIVE IN, the sex is soft, the women are beautiful and the monsters are rising as fast as the Cinesludge Levels!

Be sure to learn more about THE UNLIVING by visiting RETROMEDIA.ORG today! 

CINESLUDGE Ep.8 IN [REC]trospect and Hellbilly Vs. Van Damme!

January 21st, 2015

Episode 8 is up as EVIL MONK #1 Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT and EVIL MONK #2 David Z of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN launch into 2015 with a review of the long awaited Spanish Horror REC 4 by watching the entire series AND it's American remake and the curious case of it's excellent DTV sequel!  But that ain't all... you get a look at the latest from Max Cerchi of HELLINGER fame, HELLBILLY and some bonus coolness from JCVD!  Add in a look at EVIL MONK #2s yoga habit and attending a DDP YOGA Seminar!  Greet the new year with a BANG!!!

Cinesludge Episode 7 : Top O’ The Sludge Edition with Fred Olen Ray Strippers And Santa A-Go-Go!

December 15th, 2014

Join The Twitching Brain EVIL MONK #1 (Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT) and the Rampaging Id EVIL MONK #2 (David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN) as they combine into the Snark Free Voltron and celebrate the holidays with FRED OLEN RAY as he unleashes not just a new Christmas Film but a beautiful throwback to the Strippers In Peril genre, AFTER MIDNIGHT!  Then it's time for the duo of HorrorDad dichotomy to unleash their TOP TEN films of the year. No simple list, this is the top 10 FIRST VIEWINGS, so nothing is off limits.  From Baseball Documentaries to Holiday Horrors to EyeFetal Anger Generators and Billy Clubs! 

A SUPER DOUBLE SIZED (almost) EPISODE OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS! It's THE TOP O' THE SLUDGE, baby.... we even brought the strippers!

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December 3rd, 2014

On the latest CINESLUDGE, Evil Monks #1 and #2 are in the full blast holiday season...and GERM Z has taken hold. ONLY THE ZOMBINATOR can combat this!  Also, the super cool Supers of ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE are put through the ultimate game of Cinesludge Opinion.  Bonus!  Mack Bolan adventures in SOLD FOR SLAUGHTER, DEATH METAL and THE VIOLENT STREETS. And really, a controversy around WRONG TURN 6?  Unbelievable, but one of the Evil Monks is a BIG FAN of the series...find out who!  Join Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern as they power up and form... CINESLUDGE!

CINESLUDGE Episode 5 - Cannibalistic Chompdowns and Wynorski Western Action!

November 19th, 2014

Join Evil Monk #1 (Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and The Hungover Gourmet) and Evil Monk #2 (David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern) as they go into THE GREEN HELL of Bruno Mattei's late in life EPICS OF EXPLOITATION, the newly released MONDO CANNIBAL and IN THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS!  Also included is a double feature of Jim Wynorski action with the Altitude and Attitude SUB ZERO as well as the Western Adventure that melds the spirit of Spaghetti to the pugilistic pages of LONGARM with HARD BOUNTY. And at last, BEER makes it's appearance as Evil Monk #1 breaks it down and Evil Monk #2 admits that he will take any chance to devour Gingerbread Men, even if it is in liquid form!  Sit back, relax and get ready to hit the jungle of CINESLUDGE!

CINESLUDGE Episode 4 - Slash, Crash..BILLY CLUB BASH! The Slasher-O-Rama Episode!

November 7th, 2014

This week Evil Monks #1 and #2, Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern, share their love of the SLASHER GENRE, from their formative years as cinemaniacs and how a diet of cable television, AT THE MOVIES and local movie hosts turned two lads into horror enthusiasts!  Featured in this SlasherCentric Saga is the freshly released film that grabs the balls and smashes them with vigor, the baseball vengeance film (!)... BILLY CLUB.  Tune in, pack your favorite accoutrement of campfire disaster and enjoy the latest episode of CINESLUDGE!

For more information on Billy Club, you can go to the BILLY CLUB WEBSITE

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CINESLUDGE Episode 3 - The Executioner In An Exhumed Fest Hell Of The Alien Axeman!

October 29th, 2014

Cinesludge is back and mangling more media than ever.  Starting with a trip down memory lane about a lifetime of Mack Bolan appreciation, your hosts Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern unload Parabellum manglers into the podcast.  Also featured is a full recap with live sound from this years EXHUMED FILMS 24 HOUR MARATHON and we take a look at the IFC Midnight Release of ALMOST HUMAN as our pick from the STREAMING SARCOPHAGUS! 

Lace up your boots and get ready for a dive into the CINESLUDGE!

The Wynorski Widget #2 - Bone Eater

October 28th, 2014

The Wynorski Widget is back and celebrating the cinema of Jim Wynorski three minutes at a time!  This episode features BONE EATER, which stars an evil beast of bones devouring and demolishing a small town as Bruce Boxleitner dons war paint to do battle.  It's got CGI motorbike jumping, tight t-shirts and a cast that includes William Katt and Walter Koenig.  It's horror in the grand monster movie tradition!